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Local diving

IMG_4089 3.jpg
Leisure Diving Trip - HKD$550

Two Dives (Extra dive - HKD$100@)

Weight Belts Included

Gears Rental Service Provide

Lunch Not Included

*Diver must bring their own:

1) Dive Computer, 2) DSMB with spool, 3) Cutting Device

(*Rental service available for divers without their own equipment)

(*Rental fee : $50-Dive computer, $30-DSMB & spool, $10-Cutting device)

Boat Charter - HKD$3,500

Up to 14 divers/ people.

Captain provided.

*Additional Fuel Charges for remote area.

*Fishing & Island Hopping

Overseas Diving

All Range of Courses - HKD$5,500 up

We Can Conduct Both Recreational and Technical Courses Overseas

Leisure Diving Overseas - HKD$6,000 up

Both Recreational and Technical Leisure Diving Trip Overseas Leading By The Professionals From Diving Dragon

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