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SDI Rescue Diver Course - 救援潛水員

Rescue someone in need and most important is a self-rescue technique.

  • 1 小
  • 港幣$5000 - $6000
  • 水渠道


Course prerequisites: Minimum age 18, 15 with parental consent Provide proof of current CPR, first aid and oxygen (O2) provider (where local law permits) certification* Provide proof of SDI Advanced Adventure Diver certification, or equivalent, or open water diver certification and 40 logged open water dives * Note: CPR, first aid and oxygen provider courses may be combined with the rescue program by qualified instructors. What you can expect to learn: The rescue certification course is designed to develop the knowledge and necessary skills for an individual to effectively perform diver rescues and assists, and administer necessary first aid. You will cover all of the following and more! Prevention and causes of diving accidents Stress and psychological factors Physical conditioning Equipment Surface drowning syndrome Diving lifesaving Self rescue Diver assists Surface and underwater rescues Types of transports In-water artificial respiration Boat and shore exit techniques Diver first aid Review of oxygen administration Hyperbaric injuries and management Information collection Access to a hyperbaric chamber Accident Management Access to emergency transport/assistance Accident reporting Liability and related legal considerations Some of the in-water skills include: On the surface, identify and assist a properly equipped skin or scuba diver simulating: Breathing difficulties Tiredness Leg cramp Early panic symptoms Locate and bring to the surface a scuba diver simulating unconsciousness to the surface from approximately 6 metres/20 feet Upon surfacing, transport the unconscious diver 50 metres/150 feet to shore or boat, simulating in-water rescue breathing Upon reaching the shore or boat, with the assistance of one aide, remove the diver from the water


  • Tung Lok Building, 34-36 Nullah Road, 太子香港


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