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Dive Rite’s Titanium Sliding D-rings are a great way to add accessory or cylinder attachment points to any standard 2 inch wide harness webbing. The rings can be easily adjusted during the dive by holding them perpendicular to the webbing and sliding. Once a load is clipped to the ring, the serrations bite into the webbing and hold it firmly in place.

Sliding D-rings are ideally suited for attaching the bottom bolt snaps of sidemounted AL80 cylinders or stage bottles to the waist. The rings can be easily adjusted forward during the dive to manage the tanks as they are breathed down and become more positively buoyant.

Lightweight, all titanium construction makes them perfect for a travel BC while providing high strength and excellent corrosion resistance.



Material: Titanium

Weight: 0.4 oz. (11g) each

Dimensions: 2.35 in. (5.97 cm) length x 1.38in. (3.51 cm) width x 0.08 in. (0.20 cm) thick


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