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TDI Extended Range Diver - 空氣延伸潛水員

Using Trimix to go deep is a good but what if Helium is not available?

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Certain areas of the world provide spectacular dives at depths deeper than 39 metres/130 feet but you may not have access (or very limited access) to helium. The TDI Extended Range course teaches you the proper techniques for utilizing compressed air as a breathing gas, and with a maximum depth of 55 metres/180 feet, so you don’t have to miss those dives! The TDI Extended Range Diver Course provides the training and experience necessary including proper techniques, equipment requirements, and hazards of deep air diving, to competently utilize air for dives up to 55 metres/180 feet that require staged decompression, using nitrox mixtures or oxygen during decompression. What you can expect to learn? The TDI Extended Range Diver Course takes an in-depth look at all of the following and more: • History of deep air diving • Physics • Pressure review • Formulas for solving dive planning problems, maximum operating depth (MOD), best mix, & more • Physiology • Hypoxia • Oxygen toxicity • Nitrogen narcosis • Nitrogen absorption and elimination • Carbon dioxide toxicity • Carbon monoxide • Hyperthermia • Hypothermia • Decompression Options • Air • Nitrox • Oxygen • Equipment considerations • Dive tables • Dive planning • Operation planning • Team planning • Emergency planning • Diving procedures • Descent considerations • Ascent considerations • Technical dive support • Navigation


  • Tung Lok Building, 34-36 Nullah Road, 太子香港


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